Hey Vikings Fans! Need Some Purple In Your Tailgating?

home made coleslaw

Show your Purple Pride

Hello fellow northlanders – It’s tailgating season. The Four Kids And A Chicken family are huge Vikings fans and we’re gearing up for Vikings v. Carolina today. We think you should show your Vikings colors as much as possible … if for no other reason then to bug all of the Green Bay team’s (who’s name should never be said on this blog) fans that live in the Twin Cities.

Do you need some purple for your tailgating food? I’ve got a great idea, and it isn’t even that bad for you. Have you seen our Home Made Coleslaw Recipe? It’s pretty purple, right? Make sure to buy a purple cabbage and integrate this simple dish into your tailgating food.


Integrate the cole slaw into another dish:

Here’s a great grilling idea. This Bacon Wrapped Grilled Pheasant can be easily adapted to chicken or other bird as well. Serve the bite sized bird on a bed of purple coleslaw.


Add a layer of our cole slaw to any sandwich to add some purple.  This Slow Cooker Italian Pulled Pork Sandwich would make a great Vikings tailgating snack with splash of purple.


You could also integrate some purple into this Sausage Mozzarella Sandwich. Wouldn’t that be awesome?


Get creative! The home-made coleslaw recipe is very flexible and easy to work into many snack and sandwich ideas. Take your favorite and make it a Vikings kind of day.





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