Salad Taco Wrap

fresh salad taco
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Salad Taco Wrap

Good moring! We have had a very busy week around the Four Kids and a Chicken home. Soccer, hockey, dance and school have started to destroy anything that is left of our personal life or time off. But that’s kind of what you get when you have four kids.

Earlier this week, we made some home made cole slaw trying to use up some of the garden produce. The link above will bring you to that recipe.  We also had some pulled chicken we made for bbq sandwiches that was still living in the fridge. We were trying to clean out the kitchen and decided to find a fresh and easy way to eat up some of our leftovers.

What we came up with is a fresh salad taco that was to die for. We really liked this fresh recipe to use up some of our leftovers. Plus, this recipe is low-carb, gluten free, full of vegetables.

We started by taking a large lettuce leaf and laid the pulled chicken down the middle. pulled chicken

Then we added our fresh cole slaw and cilantro and squirted some lime on top. img_1010-31

We plated it together with a side of fruit. We tested this recipe a little bit and decided that we liked the chicken both cold and hot.


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