Cider Mimosa Recipe By Four Kids And A Chicken

apple cider mimosa recipe

Cider Mimosa Recipe


Pure genius. It’s a rare thing these days. Combining two of your favorite things can either be pure genius or a total disaster. Cidermosa is definitely a genius idea. Does anything beat the crisp taste of fresh apple cider on a fall day? Or the bubbly perfection of champagne? The short answer is yes. It’s cider with champagne. I’m calling it a Cidermosa.

The Backstory

Yesterday, I was out on a run with my neighbor. It was a beautiful perfect fall day; sunny and 60°. A perfect day for a run. Neither one of us were feeling it today and around mile eight (with two to go) the delirium set in. Next thing I knew my neighbor said to me you know a Mimosa would really taste good. Sometimes just the thought of something can get you through the finish of a long run!  Then I thought about it and I asked,  “Do you have any orange juice at home?” She said no but she DID have grapefruit juice. Why? And I said, “Of course I have champagne chilling in my fridge, we can make this happen.” After a moment, perplexed, she asked, “Who keeps champagne in their fridge?”  I quickly answered back, “Who doesn’t keep champagne in their fridge?” Truly a good question. Why not keep some bubbly in the fridge for such a moment as this. This gave us the inspiration to make it home.

She brought over her grapefruit juice and I pulled out the chilled champagne and we had grapefruit mimosas. They were excellent…but as we were sitting out on the deck looking at all the beautiful fall colors,  I had the brilliant thought to use apple cider instead of citrus juice to epitomize fall and the Cidermosa was born.

Our Thoughts

Not only is the cider mimosa recipe delicious, it is so simple! Just fill about half your glass full of fresh pressed apple cider, then top off with champagne! If you have cinnamon sticks, you can garnish it by dropping one in. This has an added bonus of acting like a straw! We giggled when we dropped our cinnamon sticks in and bubbles started shooting out of the cinnamon stick. I guess that makes it drinks AND entertainment. Or maybe that was still just the delirium from the run.

cider mimosa recipe

apple cider mimosa recipe

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