Easiest Way To Pull A Tooth

easiest way to pull a tooth

We need to talk about the easiest way to pull a tooth. Search youtube and the interweb and you will find hundreds of creative ways to pull a tooth. We narrow it down for you and demonstrate our favorite method: Pulling a tooth with a bow and arrow.

Watch the Video

Watch the video and just listen to that whip! That sound though! Then, follow Jack’s youtube channel.

The Easiest Way To Pull a Tooth

Obviously, the boys are above believing in fairies, except when they give you money, then they are totally cool. So let’s keep the tooth fairy happy AND do the manliest of things at the same time.

easiest way to pull a tooth

Here’s what you need:

  • Bow
  • Dental floss
  • String
  • A brave young man
  • An older brother who is happy to perform surgery with hunting equipment


We are into archery and shooting mud marlins (carp) at our house so we already have all the equipment needed and are happy to make any excuse to pull it out. We just happen to have the bow in a mud marlin configuration so our string is already attached to the arrow. If you just have a toy bow or a regular arrow, just use some string or tie a long piece of dental floss in front of the fletching.

The dental floss should be tied around the string on one end and the tooth on the other.

Let the arrow fly and listen to the string whip the tooth out clean.

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From science experiments to fishing and cooking, Jackson and his guest vloggers Johnnie and Reagan entertain on a very low budget. Watch our favorite videos below:

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