Sumac Old Fashioned Recipe

sumac old fashioned recipe

Sumac Old Fashioned Recipe… Previously, we posted an article about how to make Sumac Lemonade. It was a huge hit with the family and we have made regular trips out in the woods to pick fresh sumac. The sumac tea, sugar, and lemon made the drink the perfect combination of savory, sweet, and fresh. Today, […]

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DIY Cedar Garden Gate

DIY Cedar Garden Gate The DIY Cedar Garden Gate is a very inexpensive way to add a nice entry to your garden. With minimal cost and only a small amount of time, this DIY gate is perfect for any fence around your garden. A good gate is multi-functional. This one provides an easy access to […]

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Starting New Beehives

Our nuks came today and we are starting new beehives for the summer. Last summer was our first time beekeeping and we learned a ton thanks to a few good books and a great neighbor who is a third generation beekeeper. You can read about our experience last year on our other blog. Benefits of Beehives The […]

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