Rhubarb Mojito

rhubarb mojito

Rhubarb Mojito There’s a short season to enjoy fresh-from-the-garden rhubarb and life’s too short not to find reasons for happy hour. That’s why I’m bringing you this Rhubarb Mojito. It’s sweet. It’s tart. Best of all, it’s fresh and refreshing for those early hot summer days. Making Rhubarb Simple Syrup The Rhubarb Mojito is a […]

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Crispy Jalapeno Poppers Bites

One of my favorite foods is jalapeno poppers. Recently we saw another food site make these jalapeno bites out of melted cheese in an oven. We thought it was pretty cool. But we could do better. The four kids and a chicken went all Wisconsin style and used cheese curds in our jalapeno poppers bites. […]

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