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  • Homemade Jalapeno Corn Dogs

    homemade jalapeno corn dogs

    Homemade Jalapeno Corn Dogs Earlier, we were feeding frozen corndogs to our kids and their friends. All the adults were hanging out and totally drooling over them. There is something that just says “yum!” about corn dogs. Unfortunately, we were out of corndogs but had a ziplock bag of cornmeal and cocktail weiners in the […]

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  • Morel Gnocchi Mac and Cheese

    Morel Gnocchi Mac and Cheese

    Morel Gnocchi Mac and Cheese A true comfort food; the Morel Gnocchi Mac and Cheese is fabulous for those cool, rainy spring days. This isn’t a true mac and cheese because gnocchi is actually potato instead of a pasta, but I don’t believe you will never go back to pasta after having gnocchi. It has a great […]

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  • Starting New Beehives

    Our nuks came today and we are starting new beehives for the summer. Last summer was our first time beekeeping and we learned a ton thanks to a few good books and a great neighbor who is a third generation beekeeper. You can read about our experience last year on our other blog. Benefits of Beehives The […]

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  • Hamilton Beach Indoor Searing Grill

    I know what you’re thinking, who needs an indoor grill. I thought I didn’t. But then I tried it. Chris and I tested out the Hamilton Beach Indoor Searing Grill and fell in love. For those of us who live in states where it snows practically year round (well, not quite, but it can feel like […]

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  • A Day in Greenville South Carolina

    A Day in Greenville South Carolina Greensville South Carolina is located about half-way between Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC on Highway 85. The first thing I noticed when flying down was the proximity of the city to the Smoky Mountains. I knew we wouldn’t have enough time to see them this time, but they are […]

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  • A Day in Gunnison Colorado

    A Day in Gunnison Colorado.  Gunnison Colorado Gunnison is a small city in Southwestern Colorado surrounded by very tall mountains. It is decorated by the sparkling Gunnison River as it winds its way around town into the Blue Mesa reservoir just northwest of the city. With outdoor activities from skiing and snowmobiling to fly-fishing and […]

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  • Grilled Pheasant Poppers

    grilled pheasant poppers

    Hey all – You know that at FourKidsandaChicken.com, we are all about being self-sufficient. We grow a lot of our own food, we buy cows directly from farmers and when we can, we go catch our own fish and game. We know not everyone likes hunting or fishing and that’s ok. We happen to do […]

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  • Homemade Strawberry Jam Recipe

    Homemade strawberry jam is a great way to make a delicious condiment that offers a hit of freshness from your own garden or a nearby farm year round. I love opening a fresh bottle of jam in the winter when summer feels so far away. This is a very simple way my family likes for […]

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  • Cheese Curd Jalapeno Poppers

    Ok. I admit, this is a sister post to our last one; Crispy Jalapeno Poppers Bites (You can see them over at Dan330.com too plus Dan330 has a TON of great jalapeno recipes if this isnt what you are looking for.) I did this second post because I had all these great ingredients out and I […]

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  • Crispy Jalapeno Poppers Bites

    One of my favorite foods is jalapeno poppers. Recently we saw another food site make these jalapeno bites out of melted cheese in an oven. We thought it was pretty cool. But we could do better. The four kids and a chicken went all Wisconsin style and used cheese curds in our jalapeno poppers bites. […]