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How To Make Crab Apple Jelly

Making homemade crabapple jelly is a fun project I look forward to doing with my kids each summer. We have several wild crabapple trees that grow around my yard and in local area parks.

Besides being beautiful spring trees full of pinks, reds, and whites, the crabapple also produces a lot of nectar for the local bees early in the summer as well as a bitter fruit later toward the fall. These small, bitter apples are what we pick to make our jelly.

It is amazing how different the flavors and colors can be from tree to tree. We experimented with our local trees and definitely have our favorites for making jelly.

Watch below how we make our Crab Apple Jelly.

Today, I am walking you through the steps of making crab apple jelly. We embedded our video with some great tips.

The first step is picking enough crab apples to make a batch of jelly. Crabapples are small and we don’t spray these trees so about every third apple is usable. It takes a little bit longer than expected to get enough apples. But once you do, the rest is a breeze.

This recipe uses Certo Sure-Jell. It’s always a good idea to use publish, tested recipes when you are preserving. The Certo brand recipes are very easy to follow. All we did was dice our apples and boil simmer them in a pot until it turned to mush. After it has been cooked a bit, strain the juice out using a jelly bag. In subsequent batches, we used a food mill to get rid of the larger chunks before using the jelly bag and saves a lot of time. I highly suggest this tip as it made the whole process go much faster.

Sanitized jars in a water bath and set them in the oven until needed. We also kept the lids in simmering water as well.

Mix 5 cups of the juice with 7 1/2 cups of sugar bring to a rolling boil. Then add the pectin, boil for one more minute and pack the juice in the cans.

We brought the jars back out to our water bath for a quick 5-minute bath and we were all done!

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