Easiest Way To Pull A Tooth

easiest way to pull a tooth

We need to talk about the easiest way to pull a tooth. Search youtube and the interweb and you will find hundreds of creative ways to pull a tooth. We narrow it down for you and demonstrate our favorite method: Pulling a tooth with a bow and arrow. Watch the Video Watch the video and […]

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DIY Cedar Garden Gate

DIY Cedar Garden Gate The DIY Cedar Garden Gate is a very inexpensive way to add a nice entry to your garden. With minimal cost and only a small amount of time, this DIY gate is perfect for any fence around your garden. A good gate is multi-functional. This one provides an easy access to […]

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Dill Pickle Recipe For Water Bath Canning

Dill PIckle

Dill Pickle Recipe A quick note about canning: Canning is very safe if you follow food safety guidelines. I highly recommend sticking to known and trusted sources like Ball’s Blue Book and actually read the first chapter where it talks about food safety. We usually use published recipes, but this post is a family recipe that has […]

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